Polaroid vs 35mm

I often love comparing and contrasting different media with the same subject matter. It can completely change the narrative and the feel of the image. Recently I visited Epreskert (“Mulberry Garden”) near Andrássy Avenue in Budapest. I took two images, one with my Polaroid Impulse, using 600 film;


Epreskert by Polaroid 600

Epreskert by Polaroid 600

The second image was taken with my Mamiya 135AF, which I purchased in Budapest that morning. The Mamiya takes 35mm film and has auto focus. So both cameras lack control. Really all you have power over is the composition.



Epreskert by 35mm

I personally prefer the polaroid as it removes the context of the image. It could have been taken anywhere at any time. The colours are less true to real life, the Mamiya image is closer to the true colours. I bought the polaroid film for about €18, for 8 images, there for the image cost €2.25, the roll of 35mm film, Kodak Gold 200, cost €5.19 for 36 exposures, and €9 to get processed and printed, so 40 cent per image. The polaroid is €1.85 more expensive.